True facts about your teeth.

You know your smile is the window of your face. And your nice and healthy teeth affect your great or sweet smile. Now a days many people are suffering from tooth-ace and teeth related issues. Here we are describing some common remedies for beauty and for your healthy teeth.

Common remedies

  • You can drink lemon water on empty stomach, every in the morning. This is great for your teeth. This is good for you, if you suffer from erosion of enamel because of high application of citric acid.
  • Eat strawberries can conduct to whitening of your teeth.
  • Eat apple every day, which is very good for your teeth. Apple can increase salivary flow, which in turn cleans your inter-dental space.
  • Yes, you can use a good gel based toothpaste, but do you really know that there types of toothpaste can only refresh your mouth, but do not clean your teeth well. So use that paste only which can clean your teeth first, not only for mouth freshness.
  • No, never, keep your tooth brush uncovered in close distance to the flush; it can cause bacteria to gather in your tooth brush.
  • Drinking milk in the time of pregnancy and in the early child-hood helps to grow strong teeth. So if you are expecting mother, drinking milk is not only good for you but also good for your coming child.
  • Tooth infection conducts to infection in the heart and also known as bacterial endocarditic.

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