Right Diet for your kids

Is your kid hyperactive? Or, your kid a bit impetuous? Or has a short attention span?  If yes, and in this circumstances if you provide foods with high in caffeine and or sugar content will not well enough.

In accordance with a recent studies, children with attention deficiency and also have restlessness or hyperactivity disorders frequently have an EFA (Essential Fatty Acids) deficiency.

Here we are giving you some important foods that can be best for your child in this situation.

Banana :- Banana is rich in protein, that sustains the energy level. If your child eat a small portions of protein in a day evens out the energy. You need to pay attention of your child diet. Your need to give breakfast rich in high-protein. If you are giving banana then you are sure this fruit is best to fix your child’s attention deficiency. Whether your child is against to eat banana, then you can make a smoothie.

Nuts :- Nuts like walnuts, cashew nuts, almonds are very good, these foods are great source of Omega-3 fatty Acid, that can be very good and effective for your child for calming your kid’s attention and good for restlessness.

Milk :- Milk is rich in calcium that also supports and aids the nervous system and cell membranes. Milk is one of the foods that can be very much helpful to improve your child’s behavior. Milk contains magnesium that has a great calming effect for your child’s nervous system. Milk helps us to maintain normal nerve and muscle function.

Orange :- Orange contains vitamin-C and potassium for muscle relaxing. It is good to calm for hyperactive children. You can give your child an orange to peel, though it will take a few minutes but surely calm you kid. Fruits such as strawberries and blueberries also rich in vitamin-C and healthy antioxidants. However, these fruits prevent a boost in cortisol and stress hormone which is produced by our adrenal gland.

Leafy greens :- Vegetable like spinach and broccoli are good source in vitamin-B, which is good to improve neural activity. These veggies are great for stress relaxation. You can also provide whole grain cereals, nuts, breads, rice, eggs, milk, fish, meats, fresh leafy green vegetable and soy, are also source of vitamins.

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