Monkey Pose balance and strengthen your legs

Monkey Pose (Balance and strengthen the legs)

  1. Starts this yoga pose in mountain pose. 
  2. Now jump to the legs out wide. Now you need to inhale and bend the knees. 
  3. Now exhale as you straighten the legs, swinging the arms to one side. Your arms just swing back down, now try to rise up the arms as the swing to the opposite side. Try to repeat for several times. 
  4. Now bring the feet back together. For full body movement and breathing, you should act a monkey style and make monkey sounds as you swing the arms from side to side. 
  5. This pose stretches your arms, helps to increase balance and strengthens legs.


  • This yoga pose stretches your thighs, groins and hamstrings. It is also good in stimulating your abdominal organs. 

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