Make your body well-toned – Try Wall Climbing

Wall climbing is one of the latest way to keep yourself fit and toned your body. It not only helps you to tone your body but also strengthen your bones. If you have knee problem then this new workout is great for you. If you have enough space at your home, you can try it there.

Climbing wall workout is gaining popularity among the women. This workout helps in losing your weight and keeps you fit. It helps you to make your body well-toned, strengthen your knee bones and also tone your thigh muscles and calf. This can be your quick step-up exercise with a bunch of health benefits.

Expert suggestions:

Mickey Mehta, one of the renowned health gurus, said any climbing workout can give you multiple health benefits. It helps you to become fit, helps to build your endurance and concentration.

Fat burning workout:

For women this is a great form of exercise that helps you to burn your calorie, tone your legs muscles- quadriceps, glutes and hams. The workout helps to tone your stomach, where fat builds up.

Some of the other experts believe, this form of exercise is also good for them who work long hours in front of computer. It arranges firmly the back muscles and backbone. Specially, good exercise for your back pain and related issues.


Women aged above 16 years can practice this exercise. But it is good to consult with a physician first before start practicing. Ask your doctor if you are fit enough to practice “Wall climbing” exercise.

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