Lizard Pose – The Hip Openers Yoga

Lizard Pose – Utthan Pristhasana

This is one of the most popular pose in the entire yoga style. In Sanskrit, the pose or asana named “Utthan Pristhasana”, also known as “Lizard Pose”.

  1. You need to start this pose from Downward Facing Dog pose.
  2. Now step your right foot to the outside of your right hand.
  3. Now bend your right knee that you can take your right thigh parallel to the ground.
  4. Now turn slightly your right toes outside.
  5. Now this is the time to come down onto the elbows and try to put a chunk below the elbows whether necessary.
  6. Always try to keep your neck the natural extension of the spine and push your left heel away that you can keep your hips square.


  • This yoga pose calms your brain.
  • Helps to stimulate your abdominal organals and your thyroid gland.
  • It also helps to stretches your shoulders and spine.
  • Halasana is good in relieving the symptoms of menopause.
  • Helpful to relieve fatigue and stress, good for backache problems, insomnia, sinusitis and infertility.

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