What Is Mindfulness And What Are Its Benefits

Mindfulness is a spiritual faculty that is to be considered to be of great importance in the path of enlightenment according to the teaching of Buddha.

According to Buddha, “a person should establish mindfulness in his or her day to day life as much as possible a calm awareness of his or her body, mind, feelings and dhammas. Mindfulness practice, inherited from Buddhist tradition and used throughout the world to alleviate for mental and physical conditions, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, depression and drug addiction.

  • It helps us live a satisfied life.
  • Helps us to become fully engaged in activities.
  • Helps us to make better connection with others.
  • Help to relieve stress.
  • Help to prevent heart disease.
  • Help to relieve anxiety, depression and blood pressure.
  • Help to reduce chronic pain.
  • Improve sleeping.
  • Help us to prevent gastrointestinal problems.

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