Home remedies of ‘Piles’

Remedy for Piles:

Herbs are good for the treatment of piles. For treating this disease main herbs like Haritaki/Terminalia Chebula and Jimikand/amorphophallus campanulatus are used. If you have chronic piles or are suffering from long past then you should consult your doctor.

Take care of eating habits:

You need to remember about your eating habit. You should avoid colocasia, pumpkin and potato. Avoid horse riding and excessive sex. Diet like mango seeds, rice, wheat, ginger, radish, fresh vegetable, fresh fruits, papaya, amalaki are good for you. Your intestine need to clear always that is way you should take that diet which you can digest easily and your bowl can clear easily. You can do yoga. Some of the specific yoga is very effective for this disease.

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