Fried food is the cause of Alzheimer’s disease

Recent study has revealed that eating fried food like fried meat, fried diet, grilled or barbecued can be the cause of Alzheimer’s disease and can help to accelerate ageing.

In accordance with scientists, the harmful ‘Ages’ compounds in the ‘diet‘ cause of dangerous protein that helps to forms toxic deposits which cause severe and extensive damage to brain. These high levels of compounds subdue a protective enzyme concerned in states related to brain like diabetes, ageing, metabolic disease etc.

Fatty and sugary foods such as cheese, pasta, sugary pastries, biscuits, cakes, white bread are also very much harmful like fried food, can accelerate Alzheimer’s by increasing Ages levels.

Group of scientists believe eating habit of balanced diet not only helps to minimize the risk of Alzheimer’s but also boost immune system and good for healthy lifestyle. One can do regular exercise like yoga, simple workout and or walking are very much helpful to prevent these diseases. 

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