How to Stimulate Your Muscles and Organs of Belly with Fish Pose?

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Fish pose is very popular in the entire yoga style. This pose is performed with the legs in padmasana. This asana is not for all. This asana is for advanced level students not for beginners. Though beginners can try this asana but this yoga is a bit difficult for all for the first time.

See the above picture and try to do this yoga pose.

You need to lie on your back on the ground and bent your knees, feet on the ground. Now inhale and try to lift your pelvis off the ground from your yoga mat, now slide your hands, down your palms, below your buttocks. Now you should rest your buttocks on the back of your hands.

Now inhale and try to push up your forearms and elbows against the ground. Lift your head and upper torso away from the ground, now it is the time to release your head back onto the ground. It is fully depending on how up you can arch your back and lift your chest. 

Try to avoid crunching your neck.

You can stay in this pose for 20 seconds, but not more than that. Breathe smoothly.

Benefits of Fish Pose:

  • This is a great pose to prevent different diseases.
  • It stretches the deep hip flexors and makes muscle stronger between the ribs.
  • Stimulate the muscles and organs of belly, throat, upper back, back of the neck and front portion of your neck.

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