Eat mangoes stay healthy

Mango Fixes

There are five healthy reasons to eat mangoes in this season. Generally mangoes are available in summer; we need to eat this juicy fruit to get some of the awesome benefits of this delicious fruit.

Mango has low glycemic index:

This delicious fruit contains with low glycemic index [41-60%] approximate, if you eat this fruit moderately will not increase your sugar levels.

Mangoes aid digestion:

This fruit contains various enzymes which help in breaking down protein. This is one of the best reasons we eat mangoes after a cheerful meal. The fruit contains with fiber with vitamins, minerals and some of the probiotic dietary fibre that is no doubt good for your digestion.

Good for eyes:

This fruit is rich in vitamin –
A which helps to improve eye sight and good for dry eyes. A cup of full mangoes can supply 25% of daily vitamin need.

Reduce cholesterol:

Mangoes are rich in vitamin – C, protein and fibre that help to reduce serum cholesterol levels, reduce bad cholesterol, especially known as low density lipoprotein.

Aphrodisiac effect:

This fruit contain vitamin – E which is a light form of aphrodisiac. Besides vitamin – E it has some compounds that function like hormone estrogen and also has an aphrodisiac outcome on men and women.

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