Yoga 2019

4 Yoga Fashion Tips And Trends for 2019

People of our generation are exploring the world of yoga. They may be under the misconception that yoga is just an exercise. When they seek it out, they soon learn that statement... Read more »
Beat Premature Ejaculation

7 Best Yoga Asanas That Can Help To Beat Premature Ejaculation

How much do you know about Premature ejaculation? Do you know that approximately 20 to 30% of men in the U.S.A have been diagnosed with this condition? Do you even know what... Read more »



How Yoga Can Boost Your Metabolism

One of the biochemical processes that occur in every organism, metabolism is the actual function by which your body turns the food you eat and drink into energy. Several factors affect your... Read more »
Yoga and Sexual Health

The Benefits of Yoga for Sexual Health

Most people don’t believe that yoga can help improve your sexual health, but it can, actually, contribute a lot to sexual health. Yoga can help boost your sexual function, performance, and satisfaction.... Read more »
Yoga for beginners

Ten Basic Yoga Poses for beginners

Being a beginner in yoga is not easy because regular practice demands a strict discipline in lifestyle and basic habits. Moreover, as a beginner every pose initially creates a challenge in your... Read more »
Yoga for Back Injury

Yoga Poses You Should Avoid with Back Injuries

When one thinks of yoga, one envisions gentle restoration, flexibility, and balance control, all of which is blissfully accurate. However, when suffering from an underlying injury, yoga can aggravate the trauma, especially... Read more »
Build Your Hand and Foot Strength

How to Use Yoga to Build Hand and Foot Strength

Are your weak hands or feet getting you down? Do you have a hard time walking short distances, or struggle to grasp even the lightest objects? If weakness is negatively affecting your... Read more »
Benefits of Yoga for Seniors

Five Tips To Help Seniors Enjoy Their First Yoga Class

Trying yoga for the first time can be intimidating. But, a regular yoga practice comes with so many health benefits for senior citizens that you can’t afford to step onto your mat.... Read more »
yoga benefits for foot pain

Prime Yoga Poses For Foot Pain

Pain that is experienced in the feet can be downright debilitating. Foot pain is often times impossible to ignore because you use your feet to walk and stand daily. If you happen... Read more »
Yoga for Arthritis

Exploring The Connection Between Yoga And Arthritis Relief

Physically, most yoga practitioners feel worse before they feel better. After the first few poses, especially if they already have joint issues, their muscles are quite stiff and sore. However, this initial... Read more »
Christian Yoga

Is Christian Yoga a Thing?

Yoga and Christianity have come into an unlikely correspondence, sparking reactions throughout the Christian community. Some say a regular yoga practice can bring you closer to God, whereas others disagree. The latter... Read more »
Lazy yoga benefits

Lazy Yoga: The New Way to Stretch Your Muscles

When you first hear “lazy yoga”, what is the first thing that pops up into your mind? Is it moving at a leisurely pace between yoga poses? Perhaps, you think about how... Read more »
Ashwini Mudra Benefits

What Is Ashwini Mudra And What Are Its Benefits

The word Ashwini generally means ‘Horse’ in Sanskrit language. Ashwini Mudra generally involves the contraction as well as relaxation of the buttock muscles, perineum, sphincter, and importantly the pelvic region. The practice... Read more »
Urdhwa Hastottana Benefits

What Is Urdhwa Hastottanasana And What Are Its Benefits

Do you know how to practice Urdhwa Hastottanasana? Do you know how to reduce your extra flab and become more slim with Urdhwa Hastottanasana? Here is how to do it. If you... Read more »
Top 5 Yoga Poses to Combat Back Pain

Top 5 Yoga Poses to Combat Back Pain

For many, back pain is deemed a universal experience. People the world over, regardless of age or activity level are likely to have experienced back pain at one point or another. While... Read more »