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Reasons – Why Men Should Practice Yoga Regularly

You should not be afraid of going yoga classes. If you already planned to attain the best yoga institute in your city then we must say, you have taken the wise decision.... Read more »

Encompassing 8 Limbs Of Yoga (Astanga Yoga) to Boost Immunity

Eight limbs of yoga a way to live healthy life more meaningfully and prosperously. Yoga is an art of living. Regular practising of yoga is good for health. Yoga connects body, mind and spirit. It helps... Read more »


How to Reach Your Goal Practicing Yoga

The origin of yoga had been long rooted in Indian tradition. It has been practiced from pre-Vedic age. Yoga is not just an exercise; it is something more than our thinking. Innovative... Read more »

How Do You Know Which Yoga Style Is Best for You?

There are various types of Yoga poses available in the entire Yoga Style. But is not easy to say which one can be right for you. The majority of yoga styles can... Read more »
Anusara Yoga, Hatha Yoga

Anusara Yoga Increases Your Natural Flow of Energy

Anusara Yoga is a powerful Yoga which comes under Hatha Yoga, which is a basic style of yoga. Anusara Yoga is fast becoming one of the most practiced forms of yoga in... Read more »

The Benefits of Ashtanga Yoga – Yoga Chikitsa

Many of us come to yoga for lots of different reasons, for gaining greater flexibility of body, strength, right tone of the body, physical healing from injury, reducing stress or just to... Read more »

How To Practice Reverse Warrior Pose (Viparita Virabhadrasana)

Reverse Warrior Pose – An Introduction: In Sanskrit, Reserve Warrior Pose is called Viparita Virabhadrasana. It is a standing yoga pose that stretches your waist and vitalize your whole body. Reverse Warrior... Read more »

How To Practice Standing Forward Bend Pose Or Uttanasana

According to the name  Standing Forward Bend Pose you can understand that the pose is an intense stretch for your entire body. In this pose your legs fixed you with resolute determination... Read more »
Seated Forward Bend

How To Practice Paschimottanasana or Seated Forward Bend Pose

Paschimottanasana is also known as “Intense stretch of the back body” is a very well-known seated forward bend Pose. Many people try to avoid this pose because many of them have tight... Read more »

Practice Celibate’s Pose Or Brahmacharyasana Strengthens Abdominal Muscles

Brahmacharyasana Or Celibate’s Pose Power of Focusing and Boosting Mental Dominance. Brahmacharya means “self-control” over the entire senses and mainly over the entire sexual energy. This self-control requires transmutation of the sexual... Read more »
Locust Pose

The Techniques and Health Benefits of Locust Pose Yoga

Locust pose is one of the most popular yoga pose in the entire yoga style. This pose is also known as Salabhasana or Shalabhasana or Grasshopper Pose. It is known as Grasshopper... Read more »

Top 13 Best Yoga Poses For Weight Loss That Really Work

Are you really worried about losing your weight? Have you already tried so many things to lose your weight, but failed? Do not worry. We have the answer for you – Try... Read more »

Top 18 Common Yoga Poses or Asanas for Non-Flexible Men & Women

So you think you are not flexible enough? But you do not know how you make your body flexible to enjoy healthy life. Do not worry at all. You can make your... Read more »

Want to Practice Angle Pose / Baddha Konasana / Cobbler Pose

Cobbler Pose is strong groin and hip-opener Asana. The cobbler pose is also familiar as Angle pose, is a very simple pose in the entire yoga style with many benefits. This yoga pose is very good... Read more »

Want to Practice Cow Face Pose ?

This Yoga helps you to release tension from shoulders and opens the chest to facilitate for deep breathing. In Sanskrit, Cow Face Posture is also known as “Gomukhasana”. You should perform staff... Read more »