How Massage Balls Can Help Your Yoga Practice

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Hot Stone Massage is Known for Healing Pain and also for Giving Pain

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Role of Head Massager in Hair Growth and their Uses

Role of Head Massager in Hair Growth and their Uses A head massage is an alternative form of massage therapy, it has been practiced for decades and people have yielded many benefits... Read more »
Yoga Pose, Benefits and advantages

How the Combination of Yoga and Massage Leads to Health and Well-Being

Our health is in our hands. When it comes to caring for our bodies, there are few measures more beneficial than remedial therapy. This holistic approach assesses and treats health conditions with... Read more »
Amatsu Massage, Japanese Amatsu Massage

Swedish Massage Therapy; Uses And Benefits

The element of fatigue in daily routine results in accumulation of stress hormones that pose a serious threat to human health. The stress hormones reduce the motivation and working capability of the... Read more »
Oriental Massage

What is Oriental Massage And What Are Its Benefits

Massage therapists believe there are many benefits of oriental massage therapy. Generally, oriental massage relies upon the basic principles that are rooted deep in the Chinese therapy or Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine... Read more »
Postnatal massage therapy benefits

How Massage Therapy Can Help Tranquillize New Mothers

New mothers who take massage feel soothing affects from inside out. They feel cool and calm after a single massage session. Massage therapy for new mothers often called postnatal massage therapy. There... Read more »
Asian Relaxation Massage Therapy

What Is Asian Massage Therapy And What Are Its Benefits

A one-hour full body massage session can give you many benefits. It can reduce stress by lowering your heart rate and minimizing the levels of insulin and cortisol. If you have taken few session of... Read more »

Massage Therapy: Styles and Benefits

At present time, the benefits of massage therapy are varied as well as far-reaching. Massage therapy has included in different physical rehabilitation programs. Studies found that massage therapy is beneficial for different illness, especially... Read more »

What Are The Benefits of Massage Therapy for Health and Wellness

If you need for a moment of relaxation, eliminate muscle ache, relief from chronic back pain (lower or upper back pain) then a session of therapeutic massage therapy can improve your physical condition and emotional... Read more »
Spas for You in Kolkata

Top 10 Massage And Beauty Spas in Kolkata

Top Class Spas in Kolkata for Complete Relaxation of Your Body and Mind Those days are gone by, when beauty treatments were very few and only women only were meant to be... Read more »
Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage Promotes Relaxation & Ease Muscle Tension

Swedish Massage or Swedish Massage Therapy was invented by Peter Henrik Ling in the early 19th century in Sweden. In the time, he had developed a system known as “Medical Gymnastics” which was included the... Read more »
Thai Massage, Thai Massage Benefits

How Full Body Thai Massage Helps You Relax in Mind & Body

Traditional Thai Massage is deep. It is a full-body treatment. Thai massage starts from the feet and progresses up to the head, using a gentle sequence and flowing exercise movements. During this... Read more »
Lower back massage, upper back massage

How Back Massage Therapy Reduces Your Back Pain

Nearly everyone likes a good massage. But without feeling good as well as relaxing, does back massage therapy provide health benefits? This question can come up in your mind at the very... Read more »
Shiatsu Massage, Shiatsu Benefits

What Is Shiatsu Massage and What Are Its Benefits

Shiatsu often called Shiatsu massage. This massage is used to treat different chronic ailments, such as insomnia, fibromyalgia, muscle pain, neck pain, back pain, joint pain, PMS, acute upper and lower back pain,... Read more »