Green Tea

Cure Your Nagging Headache and Weakness Drink Rooibos Tea

Rooibos means “Red Bush” is a word originated from the scientific name Aspalathus Linearis is the long-handled brush of bristles or twigs of a leguminous plant commonly grows in the part of... Read more »

Prepare Home Made Baby Food With Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato for Babies Baby food with sweet potato is at top of the food list in terms of healthiest and nutritious food. It has a very creamy layer and the flavor... Read more »


Green lipped mussel

Top 10 Benefits of Eating Green Mussels

Green Mussels often called Green-lipped mussels are an aquatic mollusk which has a compressed body enclosed within a hinged shell that are commonly grows in the coastal area of New Zealand, it... Read more »

Benefits of Taking Omega 3 Fatty Acids for Type 2 Diabetes

Omega 3 fatty acids and Type 2 Diabetes Omega-3 fatty acids help you to reduce the risk factors of Type 2 Diabetes, one latest study shows it. Previously researchers found that consumption... Read more »
Healthy smoothie

Quick and Healthy Smoothie for Your Health

Whether you are against in having greens or raw or cooked food that is advised by many physicians and or dieticians or nutritionists, then you can eat them in your smoothies alternatively.... Read more »

Top 13 Diseases Cured by Superfood Banana

Ooh Banana – An Exceptional Fruit. This is interesting. After reading this, you’ll never look at banana in the same way again. Generally, Banana carries three types of natural sugars – (i)... Read more »

Eating Prunes Or Dried Plums Help You To Lose Weight

A group of researchers at the University of Liverpool described that eating prunes with a healthy diet can help you to lose your weight. A study was conducted by the University’s Institute... Read more »
Super Food

Top 8 Super Foods Help You Reduce Belly Fat

Fighting to obstinate belly fat and do not know a good way out? Know how to reduce body weight and extra fats on tummy without exercise on proper diet. Try the below... Read more »
Super food

Common Foods Contains Number of Calories

FRUITS Apple 56 Avocado Pear 190 Banana 95 Chickoo 94 Dates 281 Black Grapes 45 Guava 66 Litchi 61 Mangoes 70 Oranges 53 Papaya 32 Pineapple 46 Plums 56 Strawberries 77 Watermelon... Read more »


CALORIE REQUIREMENTS OF INDIVIDUAL Gender Age (Yrs) Sedentary Moderately Active Active Child 2-3 1,000 1,000-1,400 1,000-1,400 Female 4-89-13 14-18 19-30 31-50 51+ 1,2001,600 1,800 2,000 1,800 1,600 1,400-1,6001,600-2,000 2,000 2,000-2,200 2,000 1,800... Read more »
Mango Fixes

Home-made mango fixes

In this season “Summer”, the King of fruits has appeared. The fruit “Mango” is not only an exceptionally pleasant-tasting fruit, but also good for your skin. Use Mango Fixes in summer for... Read more »
Mango Fixes

Eat mangoes stay healthy

There are five healthy reasons to eat mangoes in this season. Generally mangoes are available in summer; we need to eat this juicy fruit to get some of the awesome benefits of... Read more »
Watermelon, Fruits and health, Benefits of watermelon in summer

Eat watermelon enhance your sex-life

Summer is getting hotter every day, mercury levels rising. In this season eating watermelon helps you in many ways. Shed your weight. Improves your blood circulation. Helps to reduce your blood pressure... Read more »

Awesome Food for Healthy Hair and glowing skin

Eating healthy food for your skin is one of the known facts. Do you know there are top 6 foods that can be very good for your skin-health and for your hair?... Read more »

Food for your healthy and long life

Food and Health: Recent studies have revealed within two groups of researchers, claimed that eating high quality protein such as meat, fish and other types of dietary components or products such as... Read more »