Care you feet from extreme hot in summer

Every year this summer comes and you think what will be the best care for your feet. It is the time when you pack your shoes and like to use attractive and strappy sandals. But at the same time you should think not only our face but also our entire body needs protection in summer.

In summer our feet and hands both are bared most. Although most of the people know this but hardly a minimum people follow it.

Dermatologists believe in this scorching hot temperature using sunscreen at a minimum of three times every day is really good.

Use butter:

They also think body butter is very helpful in this season, works really great. You can choose from cocoa butter, coconut butter, shea butter or fruity butter creams. These moisturizing body butters and creams can heal and repair your skin very well.

Take a good soak:

As you are working the whole day, walking in high heels, maybe you need to stand for long times and so forth. In this situation if you take a foot soak it would be really great for you in summer. You can take it for 10 minutes in a tub, full of warm water with a small amount of bath salts. You need to scrub off your buff and calluses. When it is done, just wash out and clean gently. Now gloss over some moisturizer to complete your nightly routine.

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