What Is Bird of Paradise Pose And What Are Its Benefits

Bird of paradise pose

Practice Bird of Paradise Pose to improve body balance and stability. It is an advanced level yoga pose especially suggested for advanced level practitioners. Bird of Paradise Yoga Pose is also called Svarga Dvijasana. For advanced yoga students, Bird of Paradise is quite effective and beneficial in improving the body’s balance and stability as discussed. It also focuses on stretching as well as opening of the groins and hips. This pose is beneficial to athletes or sportsman.

How to Practice Bird Of Paradise Pose

  • If you want to start practicing this yoga pose, then stand straight and from extended side angle with the right foot forward, thread the right arm under your right thigh and your left arm behind the back to come into a bind.
  • Now transfer the weight into the left foot and push into the land and begin to straighten your spinal cord drawing the bound leg up as the spine straightens. When you are standing and feeling balanced begin to straighten your right leg.
  • While practicing this pose hold 5 to 10 breaths. Now bend the right knee slowly lower the right foot to the land and step the left foot back into the extended angle. Now slowly and steadily repeat on other the side.
  • When you bring your leg up move very slowly to hold your entire balance of your body. Because this pose is an advanced pose which requires practice and flexibility.

Bird of paradise pose benefits: 

  • This pose called bird or paradise pose.
  • This pose focus on your balance, strength and flexibility.
  • This pose is not very easy, but the necessity of this pose for your body is unlimited. 
  • This pose strengthens your knee and thigh, standing leg and ankle.
  • Improve body balance and stability.
  • Good for sportsman or athletes.
  • It helps open groins and hips.

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