What Is Naam Yoga And What Are Its Benefits

Naam Yoga is a complete spiritual science and art

In Sanskrit the word ‘NAAM’ means, the name of God. NAAM yoga stresses the various importances of meditation and spirituality upon the names of God.

Naam yoga incorporates the practice of the Divine word – NAAM with yogic movement, yoga postures, breathing practice and meditation. These are ritual gesture in Hinduism and Buddhism. Sometimes, naam yoga is called Sakti naam yoga.

Naam yoga is a complete spiritual science and art, the yoga works with movement, sound and breath, this yoga restore the vitality and flow in our entire body. This yoga is a valuable self healing process which balances our brain and the glandular. The yoga practice is very joyful. Naam yoga cleans negativity from your body and mind which is very essential for well being in life.

The aim and benefits of naam yoga reveal the hidden truths of different spiritual traditions and mystery so that human being may draw from both eastern and western practices to conceive the true nature of ‘DIVINE’ ultimately.

The benefits of Naam Yoga are many.

  • This yoga raises energy level.
  • The yoga puts you more in touch with your true inner self.
  • Relieve diseases by helping you to be at ease with your true self.
  • Makes you feel more content and beautiful in your life.
  • It heals your mind and body.
  • It increases the capacity of your lung.
  • It reduces body pain.

Yoga is a great term which is one of the best gifts to human being. It heals all types of physical and mental issues. Though the mental state of an individual can be properly balanced and maintained with other things, like food habit, exercise, sleep etc. where yoga does a lot.

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