What Is Ayurveda And The Benefits of Ayurveda for Backache

Ayurveda for Backache

Get rid of Backache: The Ayurveda Home Remedies of Backache: Benefits of Ayurveda for Backache

Backache is one of the most common ailment, by which hardly any man and woman is an exception. Today in the age of globalization men and women work hard because of their daily hard and fast busy schedule. Sitting in a chair for work for a long time and doing work for long hours without taking any break. This is one of the most common physical disorders which owe its origin to multiple physical factors. Although it is just a symptom not an ailment or disease. Commonly people suffer from backache feel constant pain, face difficulty in bending forward and or backward etc.

Ayurvedic Treatment or Remedies of Backache: Benefits of Ayurveda for Backache

You can consult with your physician to solve your problem. Although we are here giving you some common remedies which are very much useful about Backache treatment.

Some herbs are in use for backache treatment are Lahsun/Garlic, Lemon Vitamin-C, Potato etc. you need to maintain your diet also to prevent this problem. If you are suffering from backache, you should consist of a salad of raw fresh vegetable, such as lettuce, radish, cucumber, tomato, onion, carrot and cabbage, plenty of fresh fruits (except bananas) and definitely drink plenty of water.

You should avoid spicy, junk foods, fried foods, curd, sugar, tea and coffee (you can drink a cup of green leaf tea single time a day). Those foods that have been preserved need to avoid, as we have already mentioned fresh vegetable. If you are alcoholic, smoking or taking tobacco in any form should be given up.

If you feel good to take hot fomentation, alternate sponging of heat to the back you can take it, this will give you immediate relief.

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