Yoga And Food

Food Perfect for Yoga Exercise

Food is your medicine. Yes, it’s the most delicious medicine for our happiness and health. To stay healthy, you must make sure that you’re eating healthy food. It must include proteins, minerals,... Read more »
Essential Oils

5 Essential Oils For Calming Stress & Anxiety

The world we live in is bigger and smarter and faster than ever before. We have a global economy and we can take advantage of that 24/7. If there is anything we... Read more »


Yoga 2019

4 Yoga Fashion Tips And Trends for 2019

People of our generation are exploring the world of yoga. They may be under the misconception that yoga is just an exercise. When they seek it out, they soon learn that statement... Read more »
Benefits of Yoga

5 Surprising Benefits of Practicing Yoga

The practice and philosophy of yoga create a powerful interplay that informs and refines the other. That is why yoga forges a unity of the body, mind, and spirit. In a yoga... Read more »

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I Kabbyik Mitra content writer

Content Writer: Kabbyik Mitra Provides High-Quality Content Writing Service

Content writing is an art. It requires the art of writing more than the technique. Though, I believe having some skills in search engine optimization and understanding in search engine marketing as... Read more »

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We love our pets. Pets are just as important to most of us as the human members of the family. They have their own personalities and they show us love, support, and... Read more »

What Is Energy Medicine And What Are Its Benefits?

Homeopathy often called homeo pathy, one of the best alternative medicines for all time. The medicine is a 200-year-old form of medicine. Many believe it is nothing but an alternative medicine, but it is not actually.... Read more »

Want to Know the Hidden Secret of Yoga for Sexual Health Benefits?

You certainly have many questions in mind about yoga. Are you questioning yourself whether yoga is good for all-round sexual health? Do you believe that yoga is good for the purpose of... Read more »

What is Migraine Headache and How Homeopathy Cures It?

A headache of varying intensity, sometimes accompanied by nausea as well as sensitivity to light and sound. Headaches are many, so the diagnosis, prevention, and cure should be different. Most of the... Read more »

Why The Addiction Recovery Environment Is Important

The addiction recovery environment is just as important as going to the therapy itself because you need to be a place that you can come that will make you feel comfortable like... Read more »

5 Educational Gadgets that Will Blow Your Mind

The world we live in is more technologically advanced now than it ever was before. People have tried to stay in denial and work off of primitive technology, but everything changed in... Read more »
Red light therapy

What Is Red Light Therapy and What are Its Benefits?

Are you suffering from joint stiffness? Are you suffering from muscle spasms? Do you want to improve blood flow? If your answer is ‘yes’ then you have certainly landed in the right... Read more »
Yoga Mudra

What Are Yoga Mudras (योग मुद्रा) And What Are Its Benefits?

Yoga Mudra The Benefits From the Past Yoga is a beautiful journey of the unification of our soul “Aatma” with “Parmatma”. Yoga helps to take our mind into the present moment, as... Read more »