5 Incredible Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil That You Never Knew

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil has recently gained a lot of fame in the essential oil community. It is much more widely accepted now since people have begun to realize the benefits of the cannabis plant and its by-products. People are using hemp, CBD, and marijuana for so many things now that it seems that it’s everywhere. For example, CBD dog treats in Canada are becoming more and more popular.

Hemp seed oil is very different from marijuana though, in case you are afraid that it will make you high. We get high because of a compound called THC that is present in large quantities in marijuana and other cannabis extracts. Hemp seed oil as little to no THC, so we get all the benefits of the plant from it without getting any of the side effects.

There are many benefits of using hemp seed oil that many of us are completely unaware of. It’s time we learn what it’s good for and then uses it in our daily lives:

Promotes Anti-Aging

Hemp seed oil is very beneficial for the skin. It is one of those oils that work for every skin type. One of these benefits is that it has an anti-ageing effect.

Hemp seed oil is full of antioxidants. These antioxidants prevent the oxidation of free radicals on the skin. When free radicals oxidize on the skin, ageing marks like blemishes and wrinkles begin forming on the skin. When you prevent this oxidation on the skin, you remain young and healthy for a long time.

Hemp seed oil also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin so remember that it’s never too late to start using it!

Keeps Your Skin Hydrated

Another considerable advantage of hemp seed oil is that it keeps your skin hydrated. It has this effect because of the presence of linoleic acid. Linoleic acid is an excellent compound because it keeps your skin hydrated without making it too oily.

People with oily skin are usually afraid of using essential oils and moisturizing products on their skin because they typically cause breakouts. With hemp seed oil though, breakouts and oily skin are no longer a worry.

anti ageing

Prevents Dandruff

Not only is hemp seed oil fantastic for keeping your face hydrated, but it also does the same for your scalp too. Dandruff is a result of excessive dryness and flaking off of the scalp. Add hemp seed oil to your shampoo or add it in hair oil and rub it in your hair an hour or two before you wash it off. Continue this practice regularly, and you will be sure to see a massive reduction in dandruff on your scalp.

Can Help With Anxiety and Stress

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of any cannabis plant extracts is that they all help with anxiety and stress. The catch is that you need to use them without getting high because when you are high, you end up further aggravating your anxiety.

Getting high is not a problem with hemp seed oil because there is no THC. You can get a relaxing massage from this oil, or you can add a couple of drops of the oil in your tea and drink it. You will feel the stress melt away from your body as the CBD oil courses through your body.

strong hair

Kills Cancer Cells

Scientists are researching on the benefits of hemp for cancer. There has been some evidence which shows that cannabis and its products kill cancer cells in the body. We hope there is more news on this research in the future because it can mean great things for medical science, especially cancer.

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