101 Yoga Poses: Yoga Postures I Philosophy and Benefits of Yoga

Yoga Benefits

Yoga is exercise. Yoga is asana. According to Gurudev (Master) Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, yoga is an exercise for emotional integration. It is also the way of spiritual elevation with the divine touch of the mystic component. Yoga gives us a glimpse of something more that can be attained through practice and devotion.

Philosophy Of Yoga I Benefits of Yoga Postures

There are several benefits of yoga. Each yoga pose or posture produces one or multiple benefits. Yoga is a word, which derived from the Sanskrit word YUJ. It means the union of individual awareness or individual soul with Universal Consciousness or Universal Spirit. Yoga is more than 5000 years old. India is the source of yoga. It is Indian body of knowledge. Albeit, most of the people think, yoga poses are only practiced to achieve the physical fitness. Many think people practice yoga to twist, turn, stretch, bend and breathe in different ways, sometimes the postures are simple and sometimes complex. This is beyond doubt a superficial facet of yoga science. Yoga is an art and science. Yoga is an art as well as the science of unfolding the infinite potentials of mind and body. It is also helpful for mind and body connection.

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